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Air humidity sensor. KHS-003

Humidity sensor which can measure the water vapor of the air precisely.
Proofreading data is attached individually.


Power supply voltage DC5V.
The voltage (analog) proportional to humidity is outputted.

Data logger and the feedback control use in engine management.


 Waterproof moisture-permeable plastic sheet attached.(phi42mm)
Crcumference is a seal, a sensor can be stuck on a plane part.


 Part number
 Measuring object  Humidity in the atmosphere
 ± 3.5%
 Response time
 5sec (flow of air) 
 Power supply voltage
 4.0V to 5.8V DC
 Measurement range
 -40 to +85 °C
 Stability (One year) 
 ± 1.2% (50% of humidity environment) 

 Example of proofread data
 (Center value)

 0% = 0.8132V
 75% = 3.1846V
 Offset = 0.8132V
 Characteristics = 31.493mV/1%
 Distance between pins