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DK1s DSP knock module

DK1s is an engine knock detection system by DSP technology.
One of the earliest methods which gets to know an engine combustion state is detection of a knock.
DK1s detects a knock for every ignition in an engine, and overlooks not a knock.


DK1s - DSP knock module

Every one ignition is high-speed analysis.
Only knock window Filtering.
Highly precise in digital one by DSP technology.
Programmable gain and a knock level.
Knock frequency automatic setup by cylinder size.
Band path filter by digital signal processing.
Improvement in the knock S/N ratio by integration.
Dwell time, Engine RPM display.
Knock display, Red LED and External Output.
Easy operation by three buttons.
Knock level display by back light LCD


Detection of a knock is one method of getting to know an engine situation early most.
DK1s detects the existence of a knock for every one ignition.

Filtering processing only knock window.


Knock module highly precise in digital one by DSP.

DK1s Block diagram

Gain and knock level is programmable.

DK1s_GAIN.jpg   DK1s_LEVEL.jpg
 Sensor Gain                                  Knock level

Knocking frequency automatic setup at the diameter of a cylinder.

DK1s_BORE1.jpg   DK1s_BORE2.jpg

Band path filter by digital signal processing.


Improvement in the knock signal to noise ratio by integration processing.

Dwell time displayed.

DK1s_DWELL.jpg   DK1s_RPM.jpg
          Dwell                                 Engine RPM     

Easy operation by three buttons of UP, DWN, and SET.



The level display by back light LCD.


 ・ Outside
 ・ Inside
 ・ Operation

Data Sheet
 ・ DK1s Data sheet

 ・ DK1s Setup Manual

Contents of DK1s
 ・ DK1s main unit
 ・ Power and ignition line connector
 ・ Knock sensor cable with pin-plug  (Knock sensor not enclosed)

- DSP knock module

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