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MLabo History

MLabo.  MLaboratory

Our technology was started from the technology of Radio Control 30 years or more ago by Mr.Koichi Sugimura.

The basic technique is not changing all over the world even now which passed for 30 years or more.

These are all the technology 30 years or more before being based on Koichi.

Then, the engineer of Office-Automation apparatus was experienced. IBM, NEC, HITACHI, OKI, RICOH etc. contain a mainframe computer.

He attached the mechanical boost controller to the twin turbo of GX71 n 1987. However, boost pressure fell in high RPM.
Then, he invented the closed loop control of boost pressure.

 'GRID Auto Technical' was founded in 1989.

The Boost Controller which had a closed-loop in 1989 was put on the market.
July-1989 CARBOY magazine
Digital Boost Controller
It sold 10,000 or more sets as Digital Boost Controller.
By this success, we jumped greatly.

And various apparatus, such as ROM-DATA tuning ,ATTESA HICAS Controller ROM-Board and ROM emulator, was developed.

Then, it will be reorganization to GRID,Inc. in 1994.

Now, various products, such as a ROM programmer, A/F meter, and a data logger etc, are sold.

Thus, we have very many knowledge and an experience in the field of an electric device and a machine.

We hope to get to know new technology, and are considering developing the product of new technology as the greatest pleasure.

Thank you.