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K Type thermocouple amplifier

Amplifier unit for K type thermo couples which outputs the voltage proportional to temperature.

Connects directly by 2 power-supply correspondence of DC5V or DC15V at the power supply of a data logger or vehicles.
Two outputs of the wideband which can output even Maximum 15V, and the narrowband to Maximum 5V.
High precision measurement from 5 to 1250 degree celsius.
Built in DC-DC power supply, and change of power supply voltage has tolerance.



 Example of output

 Wide range
 10mV/degree C
 Yellow line

 Narrow range
 3.9mV/degree C
 White line


  Thermo couple amplifier characteristic KAP-K01

 Power suppry
 +5V DC
 Absolute maximum rating 5.6V DC
 +7V to +15.0V DC
 Absolute maximum rating 20.0V DC
 Standby current
 Measurement temperature range
 5 degree C  to 1250 degree C
 Amplifier capability marginal measurement temperature range
(NO guarantee)
 0 degree C  to 1450 degree C
 Output 1 (wide output  12.5V range) 10mV/degree C
 Output 2 (narrow output  5V range) 3.9mV/degree C
 Output impedance 200Ω ±0.5%
 Calibration error ±4degree C (maximum)
 Temperature error   ±2% (maximum)
 1% (Wide range output use)
 ±2%  (Wide range output use)
 0.05%/degree C  (Wide range output use)
 Operating temperature range
 -35 to +80 degree C (maximum rating)
 Brown +7V to +15V (Red line is exclusion connection)
 Red  +5V (Brown line is exclusion connection)
 Blue GND
 White Narrow 5V range
 yellow Wide 12.5V range
 Orange N/C
 Shield  N/C
 Width 35mm x Length 50mm x Height 20mm
(except for a connector)
 Wiring length
 1m (with a shield)
 Mass 150g
 Price (unit)
 Price (module only) Ask from ten sets.

Below for 3 seconds from power supply voltage and more than rating to absolute maximum rating.
Narrow output may amount to maximum DC5.9V when it measures exceeding 1280 degrees C, be careful of input allowable voltage, such as a data logger.
The measurement temperature range and accuracy change with the characteristics and performances of a thermo couple.