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KSIC - Knock Sensor Interface Cable


KSIC is an interface cable which mentions in which and conducts image analysis of the engine sound containing knock sound by the personal computer or a PCM recorder.

FFT spectrum analysis of an engine knock, a misfire, and an engine noise can be realized combining analysis software with budget prices.

The adjustment based on old "feeling" to "both an analysis picture and sound" is attained.

The sensor part of KSIC is fixed to an engine block with a bolt, and an attached pin plug is only connected to the microphone input plug of a PCM recorder or a notebook PC.

Sample file

To personal computer

To PCM Recorder

 Frequency range
 1kHz to 18kHz+
 Output voltage
 20mV (1 to 18kHz) averag
 +-15%  (1 to 18kHz)average
 Sensor hole diameter  8.4mm(+-0.5mm) M8 to M10 bolt
 Cable length
 Temperature  -40dig C to150dig C (Sensor)
 3.5mm Gilding stereo pin plug
 (One channel is used)


Knock Sensor Interface Cable

Made in Japan