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ECU ROM data edit software ROMMaker.

Almost all the electronic control machinery and tools are working by refer to the Table (Map Control) even to a Game, Copy machine, Robotics, Vehicles, Airplane, UAV, and Satellite etc.
However, a Table setup and correction were the work which time and time and effort require in continuation of a try and error.

ROMMaker can realize easily search of binary data, such as an ECU map and a Control table, comparison, examination, adjustment, and a check.

Theme Blue

Three kinds of screen color themes can be changed.

ROMMaker_Silver_en_190.png ROMMaker_Black_en_190.png
Silver                                    Black

The ease of treating and a function were pursued based on the track record used by thousands of sets of ROM edits, and automobile development environment.
Endian change, byte, word, and floating point IEEE754 display, edit and search.

The "ROM capacity conversion mode" which enables substitution in cheap 27C512 grade for ROM with difficult acquisition by production stoppage, such as 27C64.

ROMMaker_byte_en_190.png to ROMMaker_754_en_190.png
byte                                    IEEE754
byte word IEEE 754 Correspondence

Binary editing software is very expensive and is generally a 3,000 to 100,000 dollar price.
MLabo. puts it on the market at a reasonable price.



 Component Conditions of operation
 OS Windows 7, Vista, XP, 32/64bit
 CPU Pentium equivalent processor 1GHz or more.
 RAM Windows XP 640MB or more, Windows Vista,7 1GB or more
 CD-ROM (or DVD drive) or Internet connectivity
 Hard disk
 600MB or more.(.NET Framework include)
 100MB or more. (ROMMaker only)
 Display 800x600(Minimum),XGA 1024x768(recommendation)
 Required software
 Microsoft .NET Framework (Enclosed by ROMMaker.)
About .NET Framework

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